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Finnish lady describes the Muslim violence, they brag of attacks.  I stumbled upon this woman’s video on YouTube and subsequently subscribed to the channel. She does a truly fantastic job of laying bare just how horrible things have gotten from importing people from a not only alien culture, but a vastly inferior and cruder one at that. It shows “asylum seekers” which are really military age Muslim males beating a passing car with Finnish women inside with their hands and sticks and poles. She talks about underage girls being groped and a poor kid who was smashed in the face with a metal pole by an “asylum seeker.” Then she describes how the media is constantly lying and making it sound as if it is the native Finnish population that is the real problem and how they need to be more tolerant and embrace the bullshit that is “multiculturalism.”

The “Stunning Fragility” & Vindictive Political Correctness of Today’s Students – Jonathan Haidt Frank Bruni and Jonathan Haidt make some truly amazing points in this interview regarding the need to let kids be kids, which means letting them make mistakes and experience negative life experiences while growing up. They then discuss some of the problems on college campuses. This is a truly great video that most people can benefit from watching.

Belief in God Vs Belief in The Holographic Universe Cullen is very spot on in this video where he talks about how when Christianity becomes either marginalized, or is swept aside, then there is a gaping hole, a void if you will, that is now open for just about any other ideology to step in and take over. This is what I believe has allowed the Regressive Left and their shitheads in the mainstream news outlets to gain such precedence and to control the narrative and cause such wide-scale harm throughout both North America and Europe in their promotion of absolutely terrible ideas such as “multiculturalism” and “moral relativism” of which our advanced Western Civilization will probably never recover from.

Sargon of Akkad on Trump, Immigration, and the Alt Right (Part 3)  This is a great conversation between Rick Rubin from The Rubin Report and my dearest Sargon. They discuss various things including how the meteoric rise of the alternative media, people like themselves, is in fact now a very real force in not only politics, but in the ongoing culture wars.

1:51 / 5:32 Mark Steyn – Radical Islam and “the Basket of Deplorables” A very accurate and non-pc account of the nature of reality. Keep the good stuff coming Mark Steyn.

Two REAL reasons the West accepts so many migrants This white supremacist makes several great points in his arguments against mass immigration from countries whose social values are anathema to our own. What? Are you saying he’s not a white supremacist? Screw you, you neo-nazi bastard! I will not tolerate your intolerance!!! That’s right motherfucker, three exclamation points means I’m serious…

The Truth Is A Hate Crime This is a video that the likes of Jon Oliver and Trevor Noah will absolutely abhor. Can you think of a better reason to want to watch it now? And yes, men from Muslim majority countries are in fact far over-represented when it comes to committing crimes like rape and sex trafficking. People do not magically change when you let them into your country, and they do not necessarily raise their children with the values and the respect for women and young girls that we here in the West do. British Pakistani men who represent about 0.93 percent of the population commit roughly 26 percent of all of the child rapes. It is extremely hard for liberals and those who push for multiculturalism to accept these numbers, but this is the nature of reality.

Dave Rubin: Why I’m Still a Liberal A great many liberals will utterly abhor hearing what Rubin has to say, and yet that only seems to make it all the more important for them to hear it.

Dennis Prager Brilliantly Schools Liberal Academics at Oxford on Middle East and Israel Mr. Prager does a most excellent job in this lengthy video (just thought that I should warn you) and truly shreds liberal arguments to shreds in his opening statement alone. Reza Aslan would most definitely not want you to watch this video and hear what Mr. Prager has to say. What more of an endorsement from me could you possibly ask for?

Jordan Peterson to Student: “You can’t force me to respect you” Peterson is most definitely one of my favorite professors of all time at this point. Maybe even my absolute favorite (no offense Gad Saad:) The sheer logic and coherency involved in his answer is almost stupefying in its utter brilliance.

Jordan Peterson Dismantles Identity Politics He makes many very good, simple and yet much needed observations in this video. The Left’s move towards collectivism and group identity can only lead to negative outcomes down the road.

Islam’s ERASURE of distinct cultures & histories – Sarah Haider (with Gad Saad) Gad Saad interviews Sarah the Hater on his show, and she tells him how she has noticed that the “Somali community” within our great nation is even less likely to come out and talk to her and her organization due to a very real fear that their immediate “friends” and “family” will really kill them for becoming an ex-Muslim/atheist. This should be a huge red flag for all liberals to rally behind, and yet, this sadly is not the case. The virtue signalling of liberals if far more important to them than actual human rights and individuals to choose their own lifestyles inside of the greatest country in the world. No hypocrisy to be found there…

Joe Rogan on The Young Turk’s dishonesty This is a conversation definitely worth watching. Dave Rubin is definitely one of my all-time favorite liberals at this point. He is a true liberal, not a Stalinist in sheep’s clothing.

Organizer Of The Berkeley Riot Thinks She Won  My favorite kangaroo tears a crazy SJW who organized the riot at Berkeley a new one. As always, the well informed kangaroo is both logical and hilarious in making his points.

Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted This is by far my favorite video by the Pakmeister. He tears Aslan a new butthole in this clip. It has facts, simple and easy to follow logic. You know, all the stuff that those on the Regressive Left absolutely abhor. It’s all here…

Authoritarian Leftism: The ACTUAL “Regressive Left” The Pakmeister makes some great points in this video. He is one of the select few liberals who will call out the Left on their own b.s. Just love how he mentions how those on the Left didn’t say anything about the Communists abuses of power and massive human rights violations/mass murder. He and Thomas Sowell should most definitely have a good old fashioned interview where they sit down and have a long conversation regarding everything from Islam, to taxes, to how communism totally fucking sucks ass…

Sarah Haider on islam apologists, islam’s bloody history, and Ben Affleck My favorite Hater does a fantastic job going after the fake lion in this video. She talks about his not being honest about FGM, and numerous other things, including how the child-raping prophet “freed the slaves,” when in fact he had numerous sex slaves for himself, and then gave away other sex slaves to his political allies. Not a good role model if you ask me.

The Glazov Gang-Muslim Free Thinker Calls Out Linda Sarsour and the Women’s March. Shireen Qudosi is now definitely one of my all time favorite Muslims out there today along with Tarek Fatah and Irshad Manji. Linda Sarsour is an evil bitch and most definitely not a true feminist by any possible stretch of the imagination, and yet the Left embraces her. Wow!

Bernie Sanders is a F$cking Moron My little monkey fan really sticks it to those socialist retards in this clip. Their fundamental lack of basic economic principles is truly disturbing, especially when you consider that they hold some extremely prominent positions in our government.

Douglas Murray Cologne Attacks and Liberal Censorship  Murray talks about how the media sees its job as not necessarily reporting the news as shaping public opinion. Unfortunately, he is entirely correct in his assessment of the situation, both in European and American news outlets.

#RegressiveNews: Feminism Breaks Sweden This is a hilarious example of what happens when you lets feminists make decisions. Have fun driving to work on time!

#RegressiveNews: Fired For Thoughtcrime And more crazy SJW nonsense…

#RegressiveNews: You Can’t Run From The Truth Even more hatred and bigotry. More please!

The Fraud of Multiculturalism explained by Mark Steyn  Steyn is brilliant as ever, and pointing out the obvious and talking clearly about what in actuality are relatively simple topics is, like so, like not sophisticated. No talking in circles to be found in this clip.

Populism and the END of the EU This is a great video which quickly highlights some of what is wrong with the EU and their horrible decision to let in large numbers of “refugees” into their countries. The violence and spread of radical Islam due to letting the wrong people enter Europe will only hasten the demise of that self-serving and highly bureaucratic invention known as the European Union.

WESTERN VALUES HEADING TOWARD OBLIVION There are so many great points he makes here that I will just shut up and let you watch it for yourself.

Why Japan Refuses Immigration and Multiculturalism This video clearly flies in the face of what the liberals are always telling us. Mass immigration and open borders has been truly devastating to our culture already, and it will only get worse as time goes on. I have nothing but profound respect for the Japanese for their wholesale rejection of political correctness and sticking to their nation’s core values.

Japan | No Country for Islam – Here’s Why My favorite pigeon strikes gold yet again. We could learn a great deal from the Japanese and how they go about making important decisions for the long-term benefit of their country.

Cologne One Year On: Germany Embraces Sharia And yet another fantastic video by the Black Pigeon whereby he quite fluidly delves into just how absolutely horrible the European multicultural experiment has been. But always remember, only racists and bigots correctly highlight how letting people into your superior Western country who come from a very different/far worse culture can and will lead to more of your women being raped, not to mention increased terror attacks.

Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON: 20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020 Unless a massive course reversal takes place very soon, then it appears that Germany will cease to be Germany.

Kyle Kulinski Tries To Guilt Trip White People Cause Nazis And Slavery This video is an excellent reason as to why I can’t stand Kulinski. Every once in a while he does do a good job, but more often than not is pushing some retarded liberal narrative which is utterly devoid of context and intellectual honesty.

Islam, Free Speech, and the Self-Hatred of the “Lunatic Left” – Anne Marie Waters in Stockholm 2016 Excellent speech given by an amazing woman.

You RAGE you LOSE: Migrant RAPE Definitely one of my favorite YouTubers. The Naked Ape is truly amazing. Grant you, he is a bit further to the Right than I am, but he is a super great guy and makes consistently high quality videos all the same. The very fact that butt hurt liberals will hate this video is reason enough for myself and many others to not only watch it, but to share it with others. #SuckThatLibtards

German Migrants Emptying Their Bowels In The Children’s Pool and Masturbating In The Hot Tub My favorite Doctor strikes gold, yet again…

Tech Exec Lectures Middle Americans | A Sh*thole with Stupid People Matt finds a classic example of liberal elitists looking down upon practically everyone else who isn’t just like them, and in the process, reinforces the already very strong stereotype that the rest of us have about pricks who have more money than sense.

FULL Tucker Carlson Milo Yiannopoulos Interview After UC Berkeley Riots I almost fell over laughing when Tucker read the NYT headline for what happened at Berkeley. No mention of the riots and the libtards acting totally psychotic.

Racist Muslim threatens an English girl on a train! Please like us and share it  In his own words, the Muslim man who is acting in such an utterly despicable and misogynistic manner was born in Europe. And yet he does not seem to be the least bit assimilated to that culture. A problem anyone?

Horowitz: Liberal Sweden clashing with religious refugees This is another excellent video by Ami Horowitz. On video there are Muslims talking about how the country of Sweden, and its rightful citizens should adapt to them! Not making this stuff up. Oh, and he also mentions how the Swedish government is actively hiding information about who the overwhelming majority of the rapists really are. Just a little titty bit creepy of a thing for a government to do if you ask me.

Hannity: America witnessing a modern day political miracle  Hannity hits the nail right on the head in this segment while speaking near the end of Election Day. I have to give him a tremendous amount of credit for what he says in this clip.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Liberals vs. Liberals (HBO)  Maher does a great job of pointing out liberal b.s. in this clip. It is this video, along with numerous others that makes me want to continue to watch his show. I do not agree with everything that he says, but he is not so single-minded and one dimensional in his thinking that he is unable to notice, and then call out the b.s. from his own team. For this, I simply have to give him due credit. It would be intellectually dishonest not to do so. Someone even commented on this video “I used to not care for Maher that much, but now him, Dave Rubin, Gad Saad, and a few select others are the only people making sense anymore.” Now obviously I do not entirely agree with him, but that said, he does have a point. There are some good liberals out there, even those that we do not entirely agree with, and there are some bad conservatives out there (grant you, substantially lower in numbers than the bad liberals), but I give you the benefit of the doubt that you will get my drift. When Dave Rubin came out publicly and declared that Islam was a very real threat to Western Civilization, and stood up unequivocally for free speech, he lost more than one or two of his liberal friends, but found many more on the Right, even though he was openly a gay man who was married to another man and strongly in favor of gay marriage. The fact that many a conservative has embraced him and will go on his show should say a great deal about the nature of things as they currently are.

Federal Court Stops Trump’s Muslim Ban! Gigantic Airport Protests Against Trump! TYT has truly gone off the deep end with this video. Just watch and listen to Cenk Uygur rant and rave like a lunatic. Just bear in mind that there are literally tens of millions of our fellow Americans who also believe the same nonsensical non-arguments that he emits in this video. It is due to videos like this one that the Left is losing and why Trump was elected to the highest office in the land. It is videos like this one that launched Dave Rubin’s show and Sargon of Akkad now has over a half a million subscribers to his channel. Keep up the good work Cenk, Sargon and many others now depend on you for their livelihood.

The Truth About the Regressive Left The Pakmeister makes a lot of good points in this video. Even though I have my fair share of disagreements on him on various other issues, in this video he truly hits the ball out of the park.

Boualem Sansal, Algerian lectures French press on Islam Now just compare and contrast what this guy says, the logic that he uses, with that of the video above where Cenk Uygur says crazy stuff devoid of any sort of intellectual honesty.

Tucker Carlson Owns and Destroys Democrat Strategist on Refugees And you wonder why Tucker’s show has become so incredibly successful… The simple, basic logic that he employs is anathema to liberals and those who love to virtue signal.

Please Be Tolerant As Your Culture Dies This is a good video that liberals will hate.

Multiculturalism: The Liberal Wet Dream I mentioned this video in my novel. Makes a lot of great points and shows how liberal elites are a bunch of dicks who have betrayed their own citizens.

Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next.  In this video, well, how should I put it, reality is shown. And by reality, what I mean is that when you allow large numbers of not just additional people into your country (not a smart thing to do), but you go even further and allow hundreds of thousands, or even millions of the wrong kinds of people into your advanced Western nation–you end up getting this as a direct result. This is what happens when you have liberals running your country.

Sweden’s backlash: Why the tide is turning for refugees – Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field  This video is by Al Jazeera of all people, and it starts off by showing some badass, totally awesome dad saying, in public, how they will have blood on their hands if someone harms one of his daughters. And this is from Al Bleeping Jazeera!

Immigrant rape statistics in Sweden A video by Angry Foreigner. He is perhaps the most politically incorrect person in all of Sweden. More than slightly strange, but he is quite intelligent and makes a lot of good points in his videos. I recommend subscribing to his channel on YouTube.

Migrants Rape Woman in Wheelchair – Feminists Protest Against “Racism”  The title is in many ways self-explanatory. This is arguably one of the most blatant examples of monkeywhores doing what they do best. Which is to say, refusing to acknowledge reality and calling those who do stupid names (and calling people who mention facts and utilize logic names doesn’t really help, nor does it make you or your cause look good).

Trump and The Truth about Sweden Now that a whole bunch of people have been imported into an advanced Western country for no logical reason whatsoever, there is a massive housing shortage, real Swedes cannot go see their dentist or doctor, young adults are forced to continue living with their parents for the foreseeable future. And let’s not even talk about what Muslim men are doing in bath houses and city buses, to name just a few negative externalities. 

The Feminist Government That Hates Women Just love that little perfectly accurate quip at the beginning about how they love women so much that they import rape. Fucking love this guy!

Hampus Hedström är en idiot Well, I suppose I won’t try and translate this one, especially since it is already translated on YouTube. A great video nonetheless.

Muslim tells Canadian Senate about the danger of the islamic doctrine, and the left PC madness  In this video Tarek Fatah talks about the dangers to Western Civilization. Basically says all sorts of highly logical and factual things that SJWs and Islamists don’t want you to hear about.

Crime In Germany Broken Down By Nation Of Origin The kangaroo man points out more racist and extremely bigoted facts in this video. And yes, highlighting official government statistics is indeed a virulent form of racist. If you dare to say otherwise I will mindlessly label you as a white supremacist and get you fired from your job. How’s that for tolerance…

Germany: Sex crimes against female police officers by asylum seekers on the rise The title essentially says it all. In this video they interview multiple police officers and you are able to hear their side of the story. The state of Germany refuses to display force and power against those who disrespect and undermine police officers and the native culture. This is yet another example of what happens when you import people into your country who come from a very different culture. Only bad things can happen as a result of such monumental stupidity.

Muslims in Germany do not like the word integrate In many ways the title says it all, yet liberals all around the world will either continue to pretend that this video doesn’t exist, or defend that young woman’s right to say absolute nonsense on camera. The pathological refusal of those on the Left to defend their own culture is utterly ruining our superior civilization from within.

Merkel ordered CCTV of rapes deleted NYE Cologne train station And yet another “racist video” that liberals will never want you to see. And for all of the highly obvious reasons.

Steve Hilton: Merkel accepted refugees for personal vanity Once again the title of the video is quite informative. Steve does an outstanding job in this clip.

WATCH: The Anti-Migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe This one is linked to Breitbart because the pussies over at YouTube (read Google) took down the original version for telling the unadulterated and hard to hear truth regarding what is going on in Europe.

Joe Rogan on MTV’s “New Years Resolution for White Guys” Video As usual, Joe Rogan makes a great deal of sense regarding SJWs and how they are their own worst enemy. They wonder how Trump ever got elected, and yet are utterly unwilling to look inward for the proper and highly accurate answer.

Mehdi Hassan goes Head to Head with Michael T Flynn HD To be completely fair, this is the second video by a news organization of which I have posted on this site that I have nothing but pure revulsion and borderline hatred for. But I also believe in being intellectually honest, and a significant portion of that means giving your opposition the time of day to make their case. If I only posted links to videos and people of whom I strongly agreed with I would be, to a lesser extant, contributing to the preexisting problem and nothing more.

The Ideological Root of #BlackLivesMatter –Never ceases to amaze me how these sorts of things either never get mentioned on CNN or by other liberal news outlets, and yet, this footage is so incredibly widespread and easy to obtain. There can only be one perfectly valid reason why CNN and other so-called “news” outlets do not show these sorts of things or connect highly obvious dots–they simply do not want to. It would run counter to their carefully crafted narrative.

Bye, Michael  Sargon does a great job of pointing out how people are sick and tired of being told that their interests don’t align with the Left wing intelligentsia’s interests. Very good video indeed.

Sam Harris vs Gad Saad on Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. This is a very interesting discussion involving two highly intelligent and informed individuals. I really like them both and found the conversation to be quite interesting.

Bill Maher: Liberals Afraid to Criticize Islam & be Called Racists  This is a great clip where Maher makes some very politically incorrect points, along with Richard Dawkins, both who have taken a considerable amount of criticism/character assassination for nothing more than pointing out the obvious regarding Islam and how incredibly dangerous it is. Maher actually goes against the entire panel, including Al Sharpton and his buddy Michael Moore, pointing out false equivalencies as the heated debate ensues. Even numerous conservatives have to give him credit for this performance. Special thanks to Brigitte Gabriel for uploading this on YouTube.

Bill Maher To Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison: The Qur’an Is A ‘Hate Filled Holy Book”  Just love how Ellison—who took money from CAIR—seems to know absolutely nothing about his own religion. Wow!

Bill Maher vs. Politically Correct Professor on Islam This is a most excellent example of how those on the Left will not directly address the actual argument that one is making, but rather will attempt to make a false equivalency, along with character assassination in order to bolster their own side and to demonize/delegitimize their ideological opponents. Take note of how Maher calmly points out facts and uses clear, simple logic and easy to follow talking points, and then watch how the liberal professor responds. Very telling indeed…

How Liberals really feel about black people.  I love Ami Horowitz! He makes me laugh.

Obama’s DoD Defends Islamic Rapists/Child Predators in Afghanistan; 9-22-2015 First of all I would like anyone who watches this video to share it over and over with Bill Maher and the good folks over at HBO. He probably hasn’t seen this since it is on Fox News, but if he were to be made aware of the video and the good  Captain Daniel Quin, then he might very well be interested in interviewing him on his show. Quin plainly and clearly describes (alright, that right there is straight up an act of bigotry) what really goes on in Afghanistan, and the vast “cultural differences” that our troops have to face while being tasked to perform an impossible job, etc.  Army Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland should have been given a damn medal for doing what he did, not kicked out of the army.

US Army investigate former Green Beret after interview  This video came out after I wrote my book, so it is a little late now for me to fix it. Wasn’t certain if this allegation was substantiated by actual evidence, or was just used to hurt his career. In this interview he admits to killing the Afghan bomb maker-which I believe was almost assuredly a necessary course of action. In my book I talked about how it was due to his writing a book review, there is no way that the government liked his writing it, and how their move against him was entirely political. Still think he should be let off the hook, but I did get it a little bit wrong in my book nonetheless.

Why I Fought: Tyler Grey Excellent little video where two former Delta Force operators talk to each other. One of them, Larry Vickers is retired, and the other operator is Tyler Grey who was severely wounded in Iraq during a counter-terrorism operation. I referenced this video in my book. The other one that is definitely worth watching is Why I’m Fat where Vickers discusses what serving for more than a decade in a tier one unit is really like.

Black Hawk Down’ hero on Rob O’Neil’s decision to go public Fox News Video  I actually bought one of Wasdin’s books called SEAL Team Six: Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper which I found to be very informative. He even came close to committing suicide after the Battle of Mogadishu and suffered from severe depression. In this video he talks more in depth about that battle and its resulting aftermath.

Waking Up With Sam Harris #50 – The Borders of Tolerance (with Ayaan Hirsi Ali) This is a longer video, so if you do watch it, either set aside some time, or consume it in manageable chunks. Near the beginning, Ayaan talks about how it used to be safe for women to go out for a bike ride at 1 am in the Netherlands, but now it is simply not a safe thing to do (gee, I wounder whatever could happen to them). She clearly states that this is a direct result of their horrible immigration policies which has had disastrous effects. And no, she is not a racist…

Lawrence Krauss Talks Atheism with Mehdi Hasan & Greg Epstein July 16 2016 Now I really, really do not like Mehdi Hasan, at all… But that said, he is extremely intelligent, and when you look at some of the things that he says, the utterly absurd positions that he takes not only in this video, but in many others that can be easily found on YouTube, some of which I will post shortly in the near future, it truly makes you wonder just how horrible indoctrinating perfectly intelligent children into an truly terrible ideology can be.

The Young Cultural Relativists  I actually referenced this video in my novel Five Nights in Harlem due to Sargon’s exceptionally well made arguments, not to mention how he points out the blatant hypocrisy and willful disregard for reason on the Left. The video where it shows everyone sitting down and the guy talking crazy stuff isn’t from the Middle East. Whenever he says something utterly abhorrent which runs counter to our  superior Western values you can see all of these people who have been clearly brainwashed ever since they started learning to walk and talk raise their hands in agreement with what he is saying. This is a huge problem, and those on the Left need to acknowledge it as being such. No more excuses, no more pandering to the special interests of “minority groups.”

Dennis Miller strikes again GOOD! As the title suggests, Miller performs absolutely brilliantly in this stand up act.