Do Liberals Really Like Protesters?

I can’t help thinking to myself how the mainstream media’s lack of any real criticism regarding all of those precious little snowflakes throwing a mass temper tantrum because their candidate lost isn’t a bit hypocritical. This is especially true when one factors in how the liberal elites, on both sides of the Atlantic, come down extremely hard on any white people who protest a liberal policy, or a perceived problem with a minority group.

When a group of protesters were standing outside of the mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, the same mosque where the shooters who were killed in their attempt to take revenge on those at the cartoon drawing contest in Texas had previously frequented, the news media was extremely harsh on their reporting of these protesters. And when tens of thousands of French men and women got together to peacefully march through the streets of Paris, they didn’t receive positive coverage either, but were instead labeled as “fascists.”

The same can be said of the PEGIDA protesters in Germany, whom the liberal elites have excoriated time and again whenever they discuss the group which actively opposes the Islamization of their country. But when supporters of Bernie Sanders acted violently, they conveniently used a much softer tone. Just one of many examples (and about the single time that they did actually receive some negative criticism from the media) Jack Kerwick wrote about in an article for Frontpage, “On the weekend of May 14-15, a Nevada Democratic convention had to be shut down because security at the hotel at which it was held couldn’t contain the mayhem unleashed by the hordes of disgruntled fans of the self-avowed ‘socialist’ from Vermont. In addition to hurling obscenities and accosting people, Sanders’ supporters hurled chairs and issued death threats against the state party chairwoman, Roberta Lange.”

The PEGIDA protesters in Germany were by and large quite peaceful by comparison. The liberal elites who control the news media never once talked about their having any legitimate issues to be worrying about, or that increased immigration from Muslim majority countries could in fact have a very negative impact on their country, and thus, their concerns were well warranted.

The media has also been very cozy with the whole Black Lives Matter movement, and have actively played down the violence and incendiary rhetoric which has flowed freely so often from this extremely dangerous mass movement. Now that law enforcement officers are being targeted left and right all across the country, they still seem utterly incapable of distinguishing any connection between the assassinations of those who keep us safe and uphold the rule of law and Black Lives Matter.

All of this only goes to further reinforce my point that members of the press are not neutral arbiters, but rather are highly ideologically inclined individuals who use their elevated status as a bully pulpit with which to hammer home one agenda after another of their own choosing.


A liberal actually blamed the media for helping to get Trump elected.

Just love how a liberal actually understands why people were turned off, and that is putting it lightly, by the mainstream news media. So I suppose this is indeed proof that liberals, at least some of them, are actually capable of a certain level of personal insight. Who’d have thought it possible?

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Gay men are also victims of supposed “honor killings” in Afghanistan, and the victimization of young boys has been on the rise since the U.S. invasion in 2001.

According to the Associated Press, “Homosexuals in Afghanistan are forced to live in fear and secrecy to avoid being kidnapped, robbed, beaten up, blackmailed, arbitrarily arrested in what police describe as ‘honey traps,’ and murdered by relatives in ‘honor killings.'”

There is also the widespread sexual abuse of young boys in a culturally accepted practice known as bacha bazi, which translates to “playing with boys” in English. The one good thing that can be said about the Taliban is that they killed anyone who attempted to keep a boy as a personal sex slave, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case at all with our newfound “allies” in the Afghan government.

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