Trump, Syria & Nation Building

When President Donald Trump recently ordered the American military to fire Tomahawk Cruise missiles into the Syrian airbase from where the chemical weapons attack against civilians allegedly took place, this unfortunately was just the latest example of our country acting as the world’s policeman. There are a great many problems inherent with using the U.S. military to keep watch over various foreign nations and acting as a prohibitively expensive babysitting regime.

Chief among them, aside from the exorbitant financial penalties that these egotistical and shortsighted foreign interventions cost the American taxpayer, is that it over exerts the military. Every time that we set up some stupid “no-fly zone” for example, we have to deploy pilots, aircraft, maintenance personnel, and many more service members around the world in order so that they can then fly their F-16 in some stupid circle in the sky. While they are flying stupid circles in the sky, these pilots are far away from their friends and families, and not only that, they are not training like they are supposed to be doing.

That’s right, you cannot train and enforce a “no-fly zone” at the same time. Oh, almost forgot, we are also wearing out some incredibly expensive pieces of equipment while babysitting assholes on the other side of the planet flying in those stupid circles over countries that are of no importance to American interests.

Then the pilots, whom we have just spent millions of taxpayer dollars training, end up quitting the military early as a result of stupid deployments to crappy countries performing retarded babysitting missions. Which means that utterly ridiculous amounts of taxpayer dollars later, spent both on men and equipment, goes down the proverbial drain with absolutely nothing to show for any of it.

Perhaps the most notorious example of getting involved when we had absolutely no reason to do so was what happened in Somalia when President Clinton sent in Task Force Ranger to capture a Somali warlord. (Now, please just step back for a moment and read that last sentence over very, very carefully. Why in the world would our nation send our very best soldiers to some third world hellhole in order to capture some asshole who is not an actual threat to American citizens?) Let’s just say that you know something is a really bad idea when dead Delta Force operators are being dragged through the streets and illiterate religious fanatics are jumping up and down on one of our Black Hawk helicopters.

But even if you read the article that I linked to above regarding the Air Force losing too many pilots, it is clear to me that the imbeciles who run our government will never take a step back and perform a realistic assessment as to the demands that they are placing on our military, the absurd amounts of money that they are wasting, and how our current foreign policy is actually reducing military preparedness in the event of a true national security crisis.

The world that we live in is a really messed up place, and it is neither our fault, nor is it our responsibility to fix any of it. People have been slaughtering each other for thousands of years; and this will never end. This bizarre concept that we should be the world’s policeman needs to be put to rest for good. Unfortunately, there are quite a few well meaning individuals on both sides of the political spectrum that want to involve the U.S. military in situations that quite simply are no concern of ours.

Nation building, even when it is actually possible to achieve, takes decades to accomplish. And that last little useful bit of information is always conveniently missing whenever we talk about crappy countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Somalia. It always has been this way, with an absolute minimum amount of time being around 20-25 years of constant involvement and a substantial military presence conducting ceaseless counterinsurgency operations. And that is not even taking into account how countries throughout all of Africa and the Middle East have absolutely horrible cultures that are at least several hundred years behind that of Western countries.



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