Building the Wall and Mexican Identity Politics

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico has said that building the wall would be an act of treason for any Mexican company in the United States that attempts to place a bid in order to not only turn a profit, but to continue keeping their workers employed.

As with many such stories, the mainstream news media barely even touched upon this, and they also conveniently overlooked how being a Mexican national, and being of  a Mexican ethnic background are considered to be virtually one and the same by a great many people on both sides of the poorly enforced border. This would by default make a great many Mexicans “brown nationalists” in their views towards not only whether or not helping to build a wall is committing treason against their own people, but also of their overall larger view of themselves as an ethnic group.

Needless to say that if tens of millions of white people in our country had this view, and it was touted by highly influential members of the Christian community who called any white business owners who submitted bids to the government as traitors the msm would have been all over these “community leaders.”

Accept of course that white Christians are never allowed to have “community leaders” even though every other ethnic group is not only allowed to have them, but is often encouraged to have them by the liberal elites who control most of what we are allowed to see and hear.

Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo said that Mexican construction companies will be judged as to whether they are “loyal to the national identity.” (Notice how it doesn’t seem to matter if they are living in America or south of the border. Mexican is Mexican to people like him and millions of others.)

And the msm remains silent as a fly on the wall while these terrible things are being said and done against loyal Americans of Mexican descent who just so happen to place the economic well-being of their own families and their duty as citizens of this great nation above that of playing identity politics.  Many Latinos have already received numerous threatening calls to their businesses in regards to their willingness to help build the wall by those among their own ethnic group who place in group loyalty far above that of loyalty to their new country.

Which is pretty messed up if you stop to think about it. It is such a problem that there are numerous Mexican American workers who have had to turn down work on the border wall–even though they need the money–due to wanting to avoid the very real consequences that can ensue if they should take the job from their own “community.”

Just remember, if someone in your “community” threatens to retaliate against you or your family for the sole crime of getting off your ass and working hard for a living, paying taxes and helping to make this country even better through working on improving the infrastructure, then they are neither your friends nor a real American. The legitimate members of your own “community” would be happy for you and your family and fully support whatever project that you are actively engaged in completing.

But I have this strange feeling that the commentators over at CNN, and the propagandists over at highly esteemed publications such as BuzzFeed and Vox will never say any of these things. Their silence will not only be deafening, but also very revealing as to their true nature.


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