The Left Has Just Officially Named a Street After a Convicted Terrorist in Chicago

Oscar Lopez Rivera is now going to have a three block stretch of a road named after him in one of our nation’s largest cities, and virtually everyone on the Left side of the political spectrum appears to be silent regarding this latest turn of unfortunate events. Now, I could go on and on about mentioning the patently obvious regarding how all of this is completely and utterly wrong, but I have chosen to go a different route.

I have always seemed to notice how liberals never seem to mention the brave men and women who serve in either law enforcement, or in the military unless they seem to have no other viable option available to them at that particular moment. And then they are often quick to change the nature of the conversation to some other topic of their own choosing which is of a more “sophisticated” nature. No liberal would think of naming a city street, especially in one of our nation’s largest cities like Chicago after a true patriot and American hero such as the likes of Gary Gordon or Randy Shughart, for example; or what about the other two amazing acts of heroism displayed by two other Delta Force operators. Donald Hollenbaugh climbed up on a rooftop in Fallujah and kicked a whole bunch of ass all by himself buying a lot of our guys the time necessary in order to collect the wounded and retreat, while Dan Briggs treated many of the wounded Marines and dragged them to safety over and over again while taking heavy fire from the hundreds of heavily armed jihadists that they were fighting.

And those are just a few examples of guys from Delta Force, one military unit, who would have been a truly appropriate choice to name a street after in one of our nation’s major cities. But those traitors on the Left had to go and name one after a convicted terrorist. Those on the Left then wonder why it is that they have lost the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House to the Republicans.

News flash assholes: The average American citizen utterly despises those who show disrespect towards our law enforcement officers and military personnel. It’s not exactly a secret, alright… And you should most definitely choose who speaks at your “feminist” marches much more carefully. Rasmea Odeh, also a convicted terrorist, and Donna Hylton (Hylton is such a sweetie, and treats members of our gay community very, very well. She would never squeeze their testicles with a pair of pliers or shove a metal pipe forcibly up their asshole, and then insist to the police afterwards that the victim liked it) aren’t exactly the best people out there that you can find to lead your pathetic little marches which accomplish absolutely nothing for your stupid little ideological worldview. And if you can’t easily find women who do not have a criminal record and are upstanding American citizens to help organize and lead your stupid protests, then you have far greater problems than simply having someone in the White House that you do not happen to like.


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