The Nasty and Dishonest Practice of Discrediting Political Opponents Instead of Fairly Debating What They Actually Said and Stand For.

All too often I run across either an article, or a news blip on YouTube where some commentator, news anchor, or a guest will actively go out of their way to discredit or publicly shame someone with whom they have an ideological disagreement with. I believe that this is not only a morally wrong thing to do, but it is extremely harmful to the public debate of which is vitally important to the continuation of Western Civilization.

Instead of discussing the facts of the matter at hand, as for just one example how Bill Maher will mention terrible statistics regarding Muslim majority countries on his show and the Left typically responds not by directly acknowledging those facts and then launching a legitimate counterargument, but rather they just attempt to slander him and sling unimaginative insults such as “bigot” towards the comedian as a method of trying to discredit him as an individual. Never once have I heard anyone on the Left attempt to make a genuine rebuttal to anything that either he, Robert Spencer, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or numerous other “Islamophobes” have said without involving some sort of a direct personal attack as part of their strategy.

The same goes for political movements as a whole. Those on the Left are quick to point out that not all participants and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are involved in riots or openly encourage violence against law enforcement officers. And this is a totally fair thing to point out on their part. The problem, however, is that these very same people like Trevor Noah and all the rest turn right around and launch incredibly broad, sweeping generalizations against conservative movements as a whole. This includes those who visited Trump rallies, the members of the TEA Party, NRA members who collect firearms and enjoy target shooting, etc… They have no self-restraint or sense of personal decency when it comes to going after any of these organizations or the people who actively participate in them.

All organizations, especially those of a political nature, are going to attract more than a few nut jobs and people who are just plain bad news. This applies to all such organizations be they on the Left or the Right. It doesn’t really matter. Whenever you have something such as the marches against immigration in Germany where PEGIDA members got together opposing Merkel’s policies there are no doubt going to be some truly nasty individuals who will be attracted to such activities. Sort of like how flies are attracted to dog crap. The mainstream news media never once treated PEGIDA and the overwhelming majority of the people who attended their events in a fair and honest manner. They never even considered that the protesters could have some perfectly legitimate concerns that they want to be discussed in the public sphere (they even went so far as to say how the crowd was “too white, ” now imagine for just a moment if Fox News said that the BLM protesters were “too black”).

They just went through the crowds and the leadership of that organization, and quickly cherry picked some less than pleasant people with whom they could use to publicly discredit the entire movement with. This is a patently dangerous tactic to be using, and I don’t mean to say that in defense of PEGIDA, or NRA members, etc. Whether or not their precious little feelings are hurt really doesn’t concern me very much. What does concern me, however, is that we will never be able to successfully move forward as a society and effectively deal with the problems that crop up if we are unable to talk about what is going on in an open and intellectually honest manner.

And not constantly demonizing those with whom we have political disagreements with would be a very nice place to start.

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